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Current dietary habits lead to a significant accumulation and toxic overload of waste that particularly affects the intestines and disrupts the body’s internal environment, with significant consequences for our health. While it is necessary to address the root causes of this accumulation (lack of fiber, imbalance of flora, excessive protein intake, etc.), it is a priority to rid the body of the old accumulations that it cannot eliminate on its own.

Intestinal cleansing involves introducing body-temperature water that flows by gravity continuously for 40 minutes. As the water circulates, it flushes out waste, parasites, viruses, fungi, and anything else that is affecting overall health.

Before the cleansing, a preparation is required, consisting of three days of raw fruits and vegetables to reduce inflammation, decongest the intestines, and soften stagnant matter.

Three sessions are conducted on consecutive days or every other day. All three sessions are necessary to clean the three segments of the colon, resulting in highly beneficial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Intestinal cleansing provides a pleasant sensation of lightness and inner calm, improves sleep quality, helps clear the mind, and can lead to the disappearance of rashes, pimples, and body odors. It has a tonic and stimulating effect on all the organs in the abdominal cavity and promotes better absorption and assimilation of food.

Don’t hesitate! It is one of the best and simplest things you can do for your physical, emotional, and mental health.

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