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Personalized Care

A single medical reference will accompany you throughout the entire process of care.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our facilities are equipped for both low and high complexity procedures, featuring state-of-the-art technology.

High Quality Standards

We guarantee excellent reproductive results of quality and comprehensive success.

We Are Gestanza

We are dedicated to the comprehensive study and treatment of infertility, with the participation of professionals from various disciplines.

Our primary objective is to address and delve into the diagnosis of the reproductive issue and design the most effective therapeutic strategy for its resolution.

Our structure includes a team of healthcare professionals, endorsed by education and clinical experience, who prioritize, through various avenues of approach, the care and understanding of the unique and subjective aspects that are intertwined in each therapeutic process.

Our Vision

To bet on life, accompanying patients within a framework of healthcare quality, supported by humane treatment and subject to professional safety standards.

Our Mission

To be a Reproductive Medicine Center recognized as a leader in effectiveness and quality, with healthcare professionals.

Our Values

Personalized care and attention, kindness and support, resource optimization, and professional ethics.

Our directors

Georgina Meneghini

Medical Director

Susana Roble

Director of Assisted Fertilization Laboratory

Certificates of our doctors.