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Artificial intelligence.

Time-lapse with Artificial Intelligence

Incubators with “time-lapse with artificial intelligence” technology are state-of-the-art incubators equipped with a high-definition camera system that allows for the objective evaluation of embryo development without the need to remove them from the incubator for microscopic observation.

Advantages of this technology

  1. Enables continuous culture, maintaining the necessary conditions for optimal embryo development, such as temperature, humidity, pH, and oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations, which are disrupted every time embryos are removed from a conventional incubator.
  2. Allows for continuous assessment of embryo morphology.
  3. Facilitates the evaluation of embryo kinetics.
  4. Artificial intelligence technology allows for the selection of the embryo with the highest likelihood of implantation through an algorithm, increasing implantation and pregnancy transfer rates.
  5. Provides continuous images of embryonic development